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Hi guys hope you all doing well.

I have just swapped my clio cup 172 for the Megane 225 with cup packs

I just wanted to know that i have made the right decision.

If any of you have gone from a 172/182 to a Megane 225 was it a good change, is is faster how does it handle etc.

I pick it up on saturday, already had a few sleepless nights and can't wait it is already the longest week of my life.

Any feedback would be great.


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Thanks Guys
I can't wait to pick it up.

im counting the hours.

Just a quickie how many mpg do you average, what fuel is best opitmax or ultimate.

I have used nothing but optimax in my previous clio cup it worked for me.

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Always used optimax in mine but always did in the clio, don't think it really matters that much but just peace of mind for me. Average MPG = 20-22 round town but anything up to 34 for motorway cruising if i'm being very very good. :wink:

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I did not mention that i bought the car with 8000 miles on the clock for £14250 is that a good price its an 05 plate, ex managers car with all the extra's apart from full leather

18" alloys
Climate control
Traction control
CD Changer
Brembo brakes, ventilated disks

They are going to service the car for me, aswell as cleaning it inside out.

Basically the manager had ordered all the extras when she first ordered the car, she was not pleased when i purchased the car last weekend but who cares.
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