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Hi im Chris from N.Ireland, been viewing this site a while, well from mid last year before buying my new car to see what all you guy thought and had to say about them aftr I got my first run in a 225 megane at a renault thing last year and was very impressed with it. Have had a dci clio sport from 02.

So looked around at the competors ST focus, GTI Golf, RX8 ect then just started enquring about the trophy when saw it. Knew about the F1 coming out n saw pics but did not like compared to Trophy but took me 2 months to get my hands on a New Trophy after deciding on it, got one in Nov so arrived over here in Dec and didnt register it until 06.

Wanted something no1 else had so had to be the Trophy so as far as Renault and it know its the only one in Ireland, def only one in N.Ireland anyway at min.

Thats all about me
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