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Hi, just joined as I am intending to buy a Meg 250 in the next couple of weeks. Infact I am about to do the deal on this car!!

Currently I am driving a Clio 200 which will probably be PX'd for the Meg. I wish I could keep both but I can't convince my better half to take it on!!

Perhaps the Meg has been owned by one of the members of this forum (?) I haven't seen it in the flesh yet but it ticks all the right options. After running Clio's for the last 8 years (Clio Trophy, 197 Cup and my current cupped 200 ff) I fancy going back to the world of Turbo Charging. I love the Clio, but the Meg certainly gets equally good reviews, so I have decided to give one a try! Can't wait!! Are there any issues I should look out for when I go to see the car?

Thanks for any info you can pass on.....looking forward to becoming part of the Meg community!!

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