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both cars are 2.0 T and im not sure if the fiat coupe is 20v or not but that shouldnt be what makes the sound. given that the megane is also a 2.0T and its a turbo related sound, how do i make the megane sound like this vid.

btw i also have another vid of the same car where its even louder and more darth vada like so this clip is only half of what it sound like. as far as i aware it doesnt have any trick parts on it just maybe the usual turbo addons

like i say the sound on this vid is compressed using zippyvideo`s its acutally much louder and more 747 like in its take off !

:shock: :?

give some bass and turn it up

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meggerman said:
andy bassett said:
thats just how mine sounds now :D its the sound of the air being forced from the tail pipes as well as the dump valve on gear change
really ?

do you just need a dump valve and any old exhaust to do that on a turbo ?
not just any old zorst, i never new that mine would sound like that but i was just lucky, and it does soudn just like that, even with the windows all shut you can hear it blasting through the boot, just ask jamie or alex
the dump valve has no help in that sound at all and the filter might have a little ie better induction for the turbo making the zorst note a we louder but that is all zorst noise unless hes running a huge turbo running around 3 bar of boost but i dout it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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