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How much has the 225 changed?

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Hi guys. Just joined the forum and it looks mint!

I had one of the first 225's back in 2004 and only kept it for 4 months.

I got rid because I needed to buy my wife a car and tbh there were a few issues with the 225 that irritated me.

I got a 1 year old Type-R but thats due for a change and for all the cars in my price range the 225 is now the best value by far.

so, can u guys with later versions, particularly CUP's let me know if the following issues are resolved:-

1) the steering, particularly at speed, was too light and "remote"
2) the brakes "grabbed" too much, not gradual at all
3) the gearchange from 2nd to 3rd often missed with 5th selected.

I would love another 225, they feel quicker than the 6.5 secs they posed to have and tbh mine felt sub the 6.0secs that owners clain to have. But the above issue did take the shine off ownership and i would be grateful for your comments


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Welcoem to the site mate, im sure they'll be a few posts on here answering your questions.
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at least tell me if I've imagined this ;p

Hasnt the 225 been tweaked since its launched? Or is it the cup version that has?
the engines are all the same apart from there is a slight difference with the new euro v engine. They all still have the same output etc. All they've done is changed suspension, brake discs etc. on the cup, the chassis is different and you can turn of the esr or esp.
I thought that the steering was supposed to be improved? Better turn in and feel

are the cup brakes progressive and do they no longer "grab"?
to be honest mate, i don't have a trophy or the cup, ive got a full fat. so not 100% sure. I believe they have doen something with the steering and the brakes.
whats your view of the std m8?

do you think that the steering is a bit light and remote?

do your brakes grab?


to be honest, think the brakes are good, can be a bit sharp, but get use to it. The steering is a bit dodge, agai nget use to it. I found changing the tyre pressures help a bit. without driving the trophy or cup, its a bit hard to compare. might have to take one out for a test drive.
I was under the impression that the Cup/Trophy's steering had been changed from the standard 225. I've got a Trophy and the steering is fine. Stiffens up alot at high speed so is good at both low and high speed.
Basically the trophy was the special edition to introduce the cup pack.

Part of the cup pack on the pre phase 2 meggy was

Lighter wheels
Stiffer suspension
Heavier steering
Larger brakes
and fully disconnectable traction control

Quote from

"his hot hatch features a Renaultsport-tuned 225hp 2.0 turbocharged engine mated to a close ratio 6-speed gearbox and race-tuned chassis incorporating drilled brake discs all round, 18" Renaultsport alloy wheels, revised suspension, sharpened steering and de-connectable Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)."
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Hi Vol,

The steering has been completely altered for the cup vesrions of the Megane (both standard cup version and Full Fat with cup chassis option). They've also changed the brake discs (now drilled) and stiffened the suspension - particularly at the rear. I own a full fat with cup chassis and it's fantastic :D option but have never driven the full fat without. However, most reviews seem to have favoured the cup vesion over the standard full fat one. I think it depends on what you're after - the full fat seems more of a cruiser!
dont know mines a full fat with drilled discs and switchable asr had it at 140 on my private air strip and felt mint mines 05 :D :D
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Runway 13 is good especially coming up from the runway 25 up the hill round the big roundabout then floor it to the lakeside runway roundabout.
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