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How much is this worth?

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Its done 10k good nick... any ideas.. and hi all this is my first post here..
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Hello and welcome to the site. What stuff have you got on it?

3/5 doors? Full leather
Air con, climate? Stuff like that.
it got c/c ,floding mirrors , thats about it. 3 door, half leather..
Get them to check that oil leak at the front of the car :lol:
that was me after the test drive :oops:
He shouldnt be allowed out in a 225 he is a maniac :lol:

Hi Rob mate glad you made it here
they reckon 17 grand, got to be to much? I,m looking around 15 to 16k
You transit is lovely mate, maybe abit of t-cut :lol: , NEC was great cheers mate..
04 Plate you are kidding Rob, you can pick one up cheaper than that check out the one on Ebay, I reckon its worth about £12.000-£13000
17000 :shock:

Mine is a 5 door, 04, climate, full elather, xenons, stereo upgrade. I paid £15000 for it 6 months ago. Tell them to get stuffed at that price.
Rob book yourself in for the French Car Show and at the hotel, you will love it mate

See the thread about it!!
Cheers will do! just have to keep looking


In SA the value of the car to trade in is almost 1/3 less than what we pay for it new. Cost 265 new - trade in R180K after 1 year.

I guess it is the same in the UK - So I guess the bargain price on private sale should be about 12K.
hi fella,

£17,000 that would get you a brand spanker, wouldn't even entertain spending that on a 2nd hand 1 unless it was fully loaded, even then that would still be over priced!!
They've got an 04 plate 5 door for sale near me and its up for 15995, no way in the world will they get that for it.

maybe a few over ambitious salesmen around at the mo :!:
bloody hell 17 grand they are having a girraffe m8, you'd be looking at no more than 13k for that age and milage gfor 15 and a half you'll pick up a trophy if you can hang about for one to come up. That said black is the best colour ;)
i was in a toyota garage today and i saw 3 renaultsports, 2 clios and a 225, the clio was a cup 53 21k and was askin 8500 , the 225 was a 04 21k and was 12999, it was blue non cup pack and wasn,t a full fat, looked good too,

i paid just over 15k for an ex demo with 3 k , 05 plate and cup packs
i live in germany i got mine for 13 new c/c t/c s/l cd changed
tax free is tne way
check this on ebay, 04, 14k full leather £12,200 buy it now prolly the best £12,200 you can spend on a car right now
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