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How to add a link

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How to put a link to an off site website.

Go onto the website you want to let others see.

In the address box, left click the mouse, and highlight all the text.

To highlight it, click on the text with the left button and it will highlight in blue. Then right click the mouse and select copy.

Once you’ve copied it, log onto the Meganesport site.

Either start a new topic or post a reply, depending where you want the link. In the text box, click on the “URL” icon and this will appear . Right click after this and select... look like this [url]

Click on Submit and bobs your uncle, you got a link to a website.

You can post as many links in a subject as you like, although would recommend keeping it below 5 please.

To add more than one link, instead of clicking “close tags” click on “URL” again. This will put [/url] at the end of the first link. Leave a gap and then click url again and then paste another link. Then either click url to add another or click “close tags” to finish off.

Any problems please PM me and I will try and assist further.
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