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Some of our members have connected so called avatars to their profile. An avatar is a little picture, you see next to the postings you make.

How to add an Avatar

Open up

Click on Browse icon and find where your picture is on your computer. Once you’ve found it, select it and wording will appear in the box.

Underneath the Browse icon is a drop down list, next to the wording “Resize image?”
Select the drop down list and choose the Avatar one. I MUST STRESS, DO NOT GO BIGGER THAN THE AVATAR ONE, AS IT MAKES YOUR AVATAR TOO BIG !!!! Then in the small box to the left of “resize image”, select it and a tick will appear in the box.

Then click on the “HOST IT” icon. Wait a few seconds, until the page loads up.

Scroll down and to the left of “Direct link to image” highlight all that’s in the box, it will look something like

To highlight it, click on the text with the left button and it will highlight in blue. Then right click the mouse and select copy.

Once you’ve copied it, log onto the Meganesport site.

Click on your profile and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is a white box next to “Link to off site avatar” Right click in the box and select paste. The wording you copied should then be in the box.

Click on Submit and bobs your uncle, you got an Avatar.

Any problems please PM me and I will try and assist further.

Anyone with an avatar bigger than the Avatar size on Imageshack will have their account suspended until the size is rectified. This is to ensure that reading of topics on the forums are easier.
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Not open for further replies.