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How to put a picture on a topic.

There are two ways of doing it and find that this way is the easier way and less complicated.

Open up

Register with the site, it costs nothing. This is the best one to use, as it saves all the pictures, where as image shack does not.

Next to the “Picture” icon, click BROWSE. Once you’ve found it, select it and wording will appear in the box.

Then click on the “Submit” icon. Wait a few seconds, until the page loads up.

Scroll down and your picture should be there. Underneath your picture are threes boxes. Headings URL, TAG and IMG.

Highlight all that’s in the IMG box, it will look something like

To highlight it, click on the text with the left button and it will highlight in blue. Then right click the mouse and select copy.

Once you’ve copied it, log onto the Meganesport site.

Either start a new topic or post a reply, depending where you want the picture. In the text box, just right click the mouse and select past. The wording copied will then be on the text box.

Then Click on Submit and bobs your uncle, you got a picture.

You can post as many pictures in a subject as you like, although would recommend keeping it below 5 please.

Any problems please PM me and I will try and assist further.
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