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Hi all... well i'm the newbie!!!! :lol:

i currently own a Clio 182, but i'll be looking to change in the next 5 months to a Megane Trophy... I was originally going to go for the LCR225 but i've opted for the Meggy, the wife has agreed and i'm bloody looking forward to it!!!

any tips in what i should look out for people???

and HELLO again!!!!

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Hi mate welcome along and I am sure every question you got can and will be answered on here!!

As for things to look out for I think there is no thing that is specific to the meggy as least not that isnt covered by the warranty (niggly little things really) but should already know that by owing a Clio Sport!

But again welcome matey

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andy bassett said:
welcome along matey, there are a few trophys floating around but think about going for the 225 cup, same car but alot cheaper, £15,000 brand new,

but all the same welcome. :D
i'm looking for one exactly like yours andy...

whats your spec??? and nice colour!!

and how easy is it to extract more ponnies from the meggy????
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