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Part 1 (because I can only upload 50 pics per post)

Well it’s the new year and surprisingly I woke up this morning with a clear head, I looked outside and was absolutely discussed at the state of my car, I figured I should start the year the way I mean to go on so out came the cleaning gear and I set about sorting it out..

I had some new products to try from “Her Juicyness” so this was a great opportunity..

Here are the before pics.. (ALL Phone pics so please excuse the quality)

As you can see, its filthy and I should be ashamed

The 1st job was to break out my new DAB Radio (Cheers Mam and Dad)

Perched it on the window sill so I could hear it outside and immediately got a bit of “Planet Rock” on the go..

The car was then Pressure Washed of and was still beading quite nicely from the coat of Collie I put on over six weeks and two thousand miles ago

I then set about the wheels with Bilberry wheel cleaner 4:1

Some warm soapy water, a wash mitt and a Vikan wheel brush

The Bilberry was sprayed on and left to dwell for a few minutes

The Vikan brush was used to get into all the spokes and the inside of the wheels, then the wash mitt was used for the wheel faces

This was then rinsed off with the pressure washer and I set about Snow Foaming the car

The Foam of choice is Envy Valeting Bubbly Jubbly

Which I need some more of as after 4 years this 5ltr bottle is nearly out

So let the curtain twitching begin as I turn a Yellow car White

That was left t do its thing for 10 – 15 minutes and then rinsed off, leaving the car like this..

Not bad at all for having not physically touched it yet..

Next was to Wash the car, so I emptied the bucket used to wash the wheels, rinsed it out and refilled with clean soapy water

Shampoo of choice was the awesome Maxi Suds II

I love this stuff, So with my two buckets loaded I washed the car

In one hot water and Maxi Suds II and a clean wash mitt,

In the other there was clean water for rinsing the mitt, Grit Guards in the bottom of both the buckets.
The Shampoo was rinsed off with the pressure washer

Next was a product new in my arsenal, IronX

What this does (according to the bottle) is to penetrate your paint work and bring out all the imperfections, its basically bug and tar remover but on an industrial scale.
And between you and me, it absolutely reeks, I was nearly sick when spraying it onto the car..

As I had not used it before I decided to follow the instructions and test the product on a small panel before going nuts and covering the car with it.

So a test panel was chosen

And IronX was sprayed on, from reading the bottle, the imperfections would start running out of the paint work as purple liquid, and I was shocked

IronX is left on the paint work for 2 – 3 minutes and then just rinsed off. Once the test panel was inspected and I was happy I went nuts and sprayed the rest of the car,
What came out was just nasty

After 2 – 3 minutes the car was rinsed off again and then re washed using Maxi Suds II then rinsed once again..

The car was then “Patted” dry with a drying towel from Juicy Detailing, (sorry Jen but I forgot the name)


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Part 2

To me the drying is a VERY important stage as my last car (the black Astra for those that don’t know) had a lot of damage done to the paint because I rubbed it dry
If you want to see how bad it was then please have a look here (

I believe I did the damage to that car whilst drying and not using good enough drying towels, so all of you that use a Shammy Leather, you should be ashamed..

To PAT a car dry you just put the drying towel on the car like this

And Pat it to help it soak up the water, its that simple, you do look like a tool but if it helps protect the paint then I don’t mind looking like a tool.
Once the car had been dried I set about doing all the bits that are not seen, Door Jams, Boot area etc
These parts were cleaned with a combination of APC and CG Quick Detailer

Boot Before (no after I’m afraid)

Door Jam before

Door Jam After

Door before

Door After

Fuel Filler Cap after

Once that was all done I decided to bust out another new product in my kit, some “Jetseal 109”

This was applied to the entire car with a Juicy sponge applicator, left to cure and buffed off with another Juicy product, (again I’m sorry but I don’t know the name)

The results of which were

Going pretty well so far….

I left the car to stand for 15 minutes and had a well earned coffee and ***, then it was time to crack on with Waxing.

The Wax of choice was Collinite

Applied with a damp sponge applicator

I know that Collie is not a show wax and is not as good at bringing up a shine as others, but I don’t think the winter is over so I’m sticking with it until I can give the car the real spring clean.

At this point my neighbor arrived and we started talking, the result of which was I left the collie on for too long and it set like concrete, so with some arm breaking buffing I managed to get it off, but I will never make that mistake again.

I then vacuumed the inside and the mats as they were minging,

Then it was time to start on the glass.
The inside was cleaned with GlassWorks

Applied with a Microfiber and buffed off with another

The outside was cleaned with Showroom Shine

I know this product is a bit questionable, Yes its that waterless car wash product that is sold on the shopping channels and a lot of people don’t like it, but Ill be honest and say it does a good job on glass,
I would never use it on a dirty car, (like you are supposed to) but on the outside glass its brilliant in my eyes, the result is the same as RainX and when raining you don’t have to use your wipers as the water just beads off the car..

I then busted out the Trim Gel and an applicator sponge for the Tires

Tires before

Tires After

Then it was onto the interior plastics (Dash, door sills, in my case the seat backs etc) with some Aero Space 303

Applied with a Microfiber cloth (no need to buff off)

I stood back at this point and realized that the exterior plastics had a bit of over polish on them (you know that white marks from all the other products) So I used Aero Space 303 on them also, this was the 1st time I had used it on the outside of the car and I was very impressed

On all of these bits

And things like the wing mirror surrounds, its great.

However it is messy and I had to go round and re buff the glass unfortunately, but that’s a note to self (do the plastics before the glass)

So… After all of that, my car is shiny and respectable again..

Now I’m absolutely knackered and need really need a beer

If you have made it this far I salute you and hopefully I have helped some people with products and techniques

Happy New Year :):)

Ian :thumbs:

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Excellent write up Herc. LY looks lush when cleaned properly. Making a note of your techniques there, thanks

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Cheers Fellas,

I just wish the sun would have come out so I could get some pics of how it really looks

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cracking work mate looks really good now. I can't wait to finish my week of being on call so I can get to mine.

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Good job
I have collinite 476s over the winter on mine ,alot of people do a panel at a time to make it a bit easier to buff off

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Awesome job but, ironx is good stuff! Use it on the alloys, does wonders!

Ive also got collies on for winter, zaino is coming out in the spring!
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