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ibiza gti cupra sport *Euro Style*

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Seat ibiza R reg GTI cupra sport
2.0 8v (same as golf)
Copper/bronze colour
power steering
electric mirros
air bag
electric windows
MOT till november, tax til end of month...but will probably end up having to re new that!

Ride height adjustable coilovers (Interalloy - specific to seat) -very low
16" Borbet A's - been Mirror polished in the last few days
Full powerflow stainless steel CAT back system
Twin headlamp conversion
K&N indcution Kit
blauunkt MP3 and fusion speakers etc.

(also in the post arrving next week) Wolfsburg edition centre caps, and german plates (the short ones)


O heres a pic of me as well:-

I have recently had an issue with my gti leaking water and so the temp was going high, took it to a garage at the weekend to find out the seal on the water bottle cap had gone, so ive ordered a new one today from VW, hopefuly arriving wednsday!

The only spot of rust is under the rear arches which are common on the ibizas, espcially ones as low as this.

The car has a full seat service history up until just over a year ago, since then ive taken it else where to be serviced.


Would consider a trade for a passat tdi or 20v
email me at [email protected]
TEL: 07732804744
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Want to try ebay mate, we've all got proper cars :lol:
Whoses meg is that? Is it Jon's?
Errr this is a Renault forum mate... get that spaniard outta my sight :!:

Ado, took me a while to find out where you saw the megane, :shock: well spotted! It's mine! :D

Are you interested in getting a Megane mate, or do you own one?

To be honest, i can't see much point in advertising your car on here as it is a Megane site.
j4m3s said:
O heres a pic of me as well:-

Hahaha! :lol: :lol: :lol: Who's done that?!
You by any chance as youve been snooping around my room again you perv..

Cheers for the mod who added thaty pic i was going to get around to it but couldnt find that particular one...

anyways nah im not getting a meggane id rather lick my own arse.

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