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I'm f*cking bored haha

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I am at work its 3.35am and i'm bored!!!! lol

Only consolation is that i'm watching DVDs. Watched 'The Zombie Flesh Eaters' which was pretty amusing.

Watching 'Mean Machine' at the moment though, thats such a good movie :D :D
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What is it you do for a job then DVD tester :lol:
When i'm on a night shift it bloody feels like thats what i'm doing!! lol

I do IT support for a law firm but they pay for someone to be onsite 24hours so its my turn this week.

Usually I'm ok at staying up all night but it was killer last night, I actually nodded off for about 15 minutes just after 6am this morning! haha :lol: :lol:
sorry to hear your woking dilema matey, nothing more boring than working when everyone else is sleeping :D
Yeah its not actually too bad, there are people that come in during the night anyway.

Being a law firm and them dealing with so much paper work there is a team that literally type up documents all day and night. At least I just sit there with a DVD on.

I ordered 'Mask' on DVD, dunno if anyone remembers that cartoon from the 80s, i'll have a bit of nostalgia tonight haha.
nice one, have you seen A Knights Tale, both me and my kids love that one :lol:
you guys should start renting movies from as many films as you can watch a month for like £22.

I rent em.....burn them...send back....

I can get through about 20 dvd's in a month.
know bloody wonder renault are so crooked with people like you working for them :wink: :wink:
andy bassett said:
know bloody wonder renault are so crooked with people like you working for them :wink: :wink:
says the man from del monte

well the man who chops and changes every week....hehehehehe
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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