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I suspect that this will seem horribly familiar. I have a battered but much loved 07 plate 1.6 petrol Megane Cabi. In preparation for its MOT I noticed a dim numberplate light so decided to replace the bulb, which was silvered and clearly on the way out. Unfortunately due to the stupid design of the holder and my own incompetence I managed to short it and blew the fuse. Then discovered where it was and with the help of helpful how to on the forum eventually managed to locate and replace said fuse. This obviously entailed removal of ECU (unbelievably stupid design of course). Took the opportunity to spray the connectors and sockets with contact cleaner.
Put it all back together but the car is basically dead. A couple of times I've manged to make it come back to life, don't really know how, and idle for a bit, but always reverts to immobilised. OBD reader shows some signs of life but won't connect to torque on bluetooth. There's clearly limited life somewhere and temp and petrol gauges are strangely in last running positions.
I think it's basically impossible to refit the ECU connectors in the wrong order?
I've got to the point where I'm just thinking scrap it which would be a shame as it has a good chance of passing MOT with advisories.
Any ideas? Or failing a solution does anyone more competent than me want it at a knockdown price (NW Cambs)? Been thinking for a while anyway the car needs some TLC from someone more skilled than me. Roof and all windows fully working and a good runner up to now, decent tread on tyres, fairly new battery, serviced by myself a month ago. Has had the same advisories for years! Inner steering rack joints and a wheel bearing.
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