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Indicator Bulbs

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What type of bulb are these??? Offset or opposites???
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Is this defo the case for all Megane's? What about the rear, are the orange bulbs visible there?

I.e. is it worth getting two sets for removal of the full fried egg effect!
Are the blue (osram diadems I take it?) e-marked?

I'll prob just stick with the silver though. Trying to go with the full black stealth exterior, only clear will do. Blue on the inside.. Now that can be considered :lol:

Both front and rear are def off-set pin though?
OK.. After a bit of research, I can't seem to find any actual 'Silvatech bulbs' anymore. There are plenty of people offering silver bulbs, but I can't see any that are e-marked...

So, back to these Osram's.. Is there a club discount for buying via your site :p :)

Nice one, cheers - ordered!

I wonder if Philips made the Silvatech's originally? I used to get them from ESP Design, but the last time they sent them out, they were a random company's bulbs?!
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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