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Insurance problems....please help!

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Right, turns out the car is registered fine with the DVLA its the fact that my insurers (marks&spencers) don't have any details of a Megane 225.

Tried phoning Admiral as well and they said the same. Contacted the Renault dealer who laughed and informed us that they had sold 4 225s this week.

Called Renaults own insurers who said that they hadn't even got details of the 225!!!! What a fecking joke.

Please can you help...I need the names and if possible numbers of your insurers so I can get a quote.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :D
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Try Tesco - get price I could find!
I went through and found my megane on their fine. Confused got me a cheap quote with Admiral, again, they have my car down as a renault sport. Not a 225, which is where you might be going wrong.

The car is a Renault Megane renaultsport, Engine size 1998. I didn't mention 225 as it means nothing to them. I did the same with other insurance companies.

Phone number for Admiral is 0800 600800

Let us know how you get on.
Yep, confused for me to.

Best quote in the end was Norwich Union direct.
Right looks like I've managed it with

The quote went up slightly to £830 but considering it was £750 on what M&S thought was a 160bhp Dynamique thats not so bad, thats with a £300 excess.
Mines £632.10 with Admiral.

23, 6 years no claims and my other half who is 21 with 3 points.
Adrian Flux for me, if you call you'll be on hold for 3 days minimum though :(
Cheapest I could find was Privilege... 795 Went everywhere as well. Bloody nightmare!
im with admiral found the 225 no probs had to say it was a megane renaultsport and they found it.

21, 4 years no claims and is £1100 for me and my 21 yr old girlfriend
When I got mine last year the cheapest I could get it was £2300 - thats in Northern Ireland, I was 24 and 1 yrs no claim. I though I was doing well to get it down to £1250 this year by being over 25 and sticking the girlfriend on it. said:

21, 4 years no claims and is £1100 for me and my 21 yr old girlfriend
so wen you bloody betting one then, they got two again at that ren by me, both my colour, one with silver wheels and the other had the silver wheels painted black.
I know i'm like a fart in a trance, don't know if i should go for the new shape or not..
I waited 3 months for mine so if you order now you'll get a new shape one in a fair while!!

Or you could just go buy one NOW haha. You can get a real bargain if you get one Renault already have registered!! :D
Decisions, decisions! :?
Just do it mate!!

Trust me the one i have just got is a stunning car and a new one is gonna take ages haha.
Your right there mate!...
If i were looking for a new 225 now i'd be looking for one of the limited edition F1 ones. I think they are lovely!
Alex_172 said:
Tried phoning Admiral as well and they said the same.

Hmmmm Im insured with admiral.......No issues there at all.

Im 25, Living in North London. Got 4 years NCB / 0 points / 0 claims and paying just under £670 for the 10 month NCB booster insurance.

Did put my mother down as a 2nd name driver for the sake of it to get the premium down :p
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