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ITG or K&N Panel filter

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As above really.......anyone any great preference/reason for choosing one over the other?

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I had the cleaning kit for K&N so I prefered it.
I also used K&N at my Clio RS 172. Good & well known filter.
i also am running the K&N panel filter, was cheaper than the ITG one :D
does the same job.
Yeah i've got K&N aswell. Didnt really make to much of a difference
have you changed the air feed to the box as well, that realy helps the filter work better
Erm....Andy, for the mechanically inept amongst us (i.e me!) can you explain exactly what that entails with a pic if poss?

I'm only intending to stick the BlueFlame and a panel filter on the motor so was wanting to eek all the extra hp I could!

Cheers Matey.
The air intake into the standard box is pump to saythe least

I think andy has run a pipe from the front of the bumper into the airbox
i'm sure he'll tell you all about it
DaleRS225 said:
Erm....Andy, for the mechanically inept amongst us (i.e me!) can you explain exactly what that entails with a pic if poss?

I'm only intending to stick the BlueFlame and a panel filter on the motor so was wanting to eek all the extra hp I could!

Cheers Matey.
:lol: yes mate as phil stated above i have run a new air feed pipe from the front of the lower part of the bumper up and into the air box, ie i removed the original one that sits behind the headlamp on the right hand side and fed it with my own bigger feed, so that the air box gets a better flow of air into it and a better induction from it giving it slightly better response on pull away, and as stupid as this may sound it gives the zorst a better note to.

heres a pic or to showing it location on the car, from here it runs round the intercooler up and under the battery and connects to the outlet on the air box.

any other info let me know.
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Andy does the bumper have to come off?
or just remove the battery and tray?
cheers phil
sadly the whole bumper has to come of to do it, its a bit of a git to do but as are all the mods on the 225, just pateince is needed.
F**k it cant be arsed then! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

yet your happy to sit out in the cold taking your suspension apart :wink:
ahh so thats whats needed a new air feed. But i really cant be bothered to strip everything out to do it bummer
ITG is known to have better airflow. they are the best for the clio and no doubt the megane. K&N are a halfords special, there good but not specialsed, the green range of filters are also great and cheaper than both, they have been proven to flow better than K&N. in fact K&N usually produce worst results and need cleaning oiling, the green just needs a 12k clean and the ITG never needs oiling or cleaning and allows for most airflow.

the standard airbox/airfeed/filter is designed so the car can run on dusty/sandy roads in hot countries its a decent design that will protect the engine. however in this country its damp and cool, running a custom air feed in a more direct place will allow for better ram air and a semi enclosed cone will give best sound/power results.

ive noticed biggest gain on the cup with the hillpower induction. instead of moving original feed i added a second feed to lower bumper. the noise on standard driving was unchanged but after half throttle or when you push down at low revs to force air in, it growls like fook and pulls better but curiously and noticebly when running BP ultimate, but it is a nice sound and rev`s free`er. i imagine you would benefit more from remapping after the feed + zorst has been done for better all round breathing.

basically all you need is to pass the MOT, so a sports cat at 100cell minimum, custom induction feed(removes silly noise regs airbox design and pumps out some serious sound) then you have a good starting point to map and add intercooler etc..

another long post :lol:

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After reading all of these posts on panel filters, I would like to get one. I have made a decision on the ITG, as that seems to be the one of choice throughout the site. So where do I order one from?

Would someone be able to post a link so that I can get one bought

meggerman you not got to convince me any more, my K&N has bit the dust :)
you can order dirrct from ITG P/N WB-308 cost 38.00 pounds + 6.65 vat and 5.00 pounds for delivery(next day), phone number 024 7630 5386 or K-Tec racingalso do them.
Cheers for the info. I will get one ordered in the morning.

Thanks mate
I'm thinking of rigging up a pod inside the factory airbox. The idea being that it will look standard, sound a little better (not as good as the pod in the open), and when I do the lights, I'll also run a new cold air feed to the front splitter. I'm hoping this will be a nice little improvement.

Andy, do you think its worth the effort considering I don't have the exhaust upgrade but the bumper will be off anyway?

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