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It's not tracking

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General question trying to help a mate out...

He's jst had a tyre replaced and it had very uneven wear... They (SAAB) have done the tracking but when he got it back he says it travels excessively to the left. They re-did the tracking and say it is spot on but it still travels left. They rode in the car with him then took an identical model out and SAAB admit it is wrong but don;t know why... Before it goes back in he wants a heads up so he can undertand the options...

Any ideas what might cause this? It's an 04 plate SAAB 95...

Many thanks! :)
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Long shot, but are they the same tyres on both sides? and have the pressures been checked?
Fair point but I would assume so... I'll check, you'd hope the SAAB stealers would check that too....
Had the same problem in my megane when I had it, car always pulled to the left had tracked 3-4 times before I actually got rid.

Has he had a 4 wheel laser allignment done?
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