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Joyriders in a Meg get caught !

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... The police didnt hold back .... !!!!


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Plenty of vids on YouTube about that estate.
Well that certainly seems an unpleasant place to live.
Lol police should be allowed to use these kind of tactics for any scrot bag imo.
Would have been better to just smash the rear quarter window and empty 4 canisters of CS gas in and leave him in the car for half an hour.
only in ireland, where them ****ing kids would start hurling stuff at the police!! joke!

go on them taking them out USA style lol
****!n wasters, should have set it on fire and put an end to it
Yep, leave 'em in it and torch it.
Loving the 'potato' comment Naith. How many of us reading it said it in an Irish accent??
A poor man's Ken Block presents gymkhana 6.5. Obstacles such as petrol bombs, massed crowds and paramilitaries armed to the teeth
no holding back there! brilliant lol police here are to soft
It's not just an 'Irish' accent but a Northern Irish accent....there's a difference! This was in Belfast.....well done the PSNI for their heavy tactics.....these guys don't mess around. I hate driving around Belfast at times.....lots of car jacking's
I would never get tired of hitting the we plebs in that megane.

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That's mental. I just don't understand the mentality behind it. I can't imagine living anywhere like that.
the police have to act that way in parts of the west of belfast, espacially in unarmourd cars, need to be in and out befoure crowds gather or at least get the aromour in to keep people bk, polglass/ dunmuarray area is riff for car crime, and as asbost says u keep ur doors locked in belfast.
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