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Joyriders in a Meg get caught !

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... The police didnt hold back .... !!!!


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I just don't understand the point/logic behind it?
It doesn't look particularly fun to start with, and if it was actually his own car, what is the point of wasting a set of tyres doing that?
Secondly, regardless of if being owned or stolen, did the thick t**t not realise that sooner or later the cops would show up?! Lol
Might as well just walk into the station and punch a copper, save a nice Reno from getting hurt :)
Love it @ 4:11 when the copper starts battering the guy with his truncheon!!
Facepalm...... The lift doesn't go to the top floor with any of those muppets.
If I was there I would have been the one to call the police. They would get none of camaraderie I normally feel for fellow Megane owners since they were endangering public safety.
Well that certainly seems an unpleasant place to live.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts