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1. Do you think that the RS Tuning Front Mount Cooler works with my car? In my opinion yes...I don't see any inconvenient.

2. And when you say RS-tuning remap you're talking bout 225 to 267? I could not find any info for this tuning anymore. Since the site was changed, the pages were deleted :(

I know a Renault garage from Belgium who is developing a remap for my engine (up to 225hp), but they keep telling me that is not ready… All the local Swiss garages goes max +25bhp for my type. No RS addicted guys here :D

Should someone have more info on that, or knows a garage in central or western Europe, please let me know (however UK is a little bit far from me and a have to swim all the way… :mrgreen:) I' ve heard that someone named Paul did the 225 remap. Maybe he knows something...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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