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I've just bought a K&N panel filter for my 225. The problem is that i don't know much about engines. Does anyone have any expiriences of fitting the filter? How do you go about it?

Some pics would be nice.

Thanks in advance.

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There are two screws at the top of the airbox undo them and pull it up and out
Dead easy
no pics i'm afraid though

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I've spotted the two screws, i'll do it tomorrow.

Just didn't want to be removing stuff without knowing whats going on.

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DaleRS225 said:

Where from and how much mate?

Likely to be getting one soon, along with a Blue Flame.
Got mine from Revolution Performance Motorstore in Newcastle, cost £38.99. I picked mine up at the shop but they said that they would deliver so nothing stopping one of you guys phonning them and ordering. The number is on

Put the new panel filter in today, the two screws are in awkward positions and they take some getting out and putting back in but it's not a hard job.
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