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K-tec exhaust sound

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I was going to (and still hopefully I will) buy the K-tec exhaust.
Now, I`ve seen Craigy225`s exhaust clip and the sound is great. The only thing I`m scared about is that when I`ll be driving in the city, slowly, that the sound will be too "roaring", loud (I don` know the right word).
The car can be no matter how loud when I hit the gas pedal, but I don`t wan`t that "I have a BMW with a drilled Remus" sound when driving normally.

I hate when I see a normal car that can be heard 3 blocks away when it`s driving 20 mph.

So, K-tec exaust owners, does the exaust shout always or only when you hit the pedal?

And yes, in the inside of the car when driving around 120 mph on the highway, is the exhaust sound maybe too loud so it gets annoying? I`d hate that to happen after spitting 400 quid for the exhaust.

I hope you understand what I`m asking, English is not my native language.

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Buy a Blueflame one m8, it's exactly the same but cheaper. It doesn't make an awfull noise at low speed and is quite reasonable at motorway speed, looks nice and sounds nice, better than listeneing to a stereo sometimes. Hope this helps, Phill
Thanks. I`ll need to go with the K-tec though, because I`ll be ordering more stuff from them. They have an easy ordering form and they are willing to ship the products to Croatia, which isn`t the case with all tuning companies.
Thanks again for the answer. :D
ktec is fine mate, and its not too loud at all tick over is quiet and does give a nice sound, also is not that loud when you driving along and give a nice sound when ya boot it, not heard the new ones they sell but i am well pleased with mine. :D
Craig.what sort of power gain do you get by just changing the exhaust and how much did they charge for supply and fit.

not sure on how much gain but would say 10 -15 bhp cost me £408 inc vat i would need to get mine rolling roaded to get proper figure :D

can get more pics of my zorst at

if ya want any details mate just pm me :D
that price is supply and fit, might be a bit cheaper then that cause they had to modify my rear diffuser that i put on :D
Thanks guys.
I have a k-tec unit.

I think the sound balance is just about right. At low power and inside the car, it's pretty inobtrusive, but you still know its there. (It gives the car a bark to match its bite.

When you do put your foot down, it HOWLS from about 2,700rpm through to about 4,000. It can be very addictive and (sadly!) always makes me wind my windows down when I go under a low bridge!

It also gives a nice popping backfire when cold on the standard map, which for me disappeared when I got a remap.

It does give a reasonable power hike, mine went up to 239BHP at the flywheel when fitted alongside an ITG air panel.

When k-tec fitted it, they also gave me the option of how much extra tailpipe to show. I think the visual impact was probably harder to get used to than the sound, as mine stick out about 5cm beyond the rear bumper.

Highly recommended!!

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@burnsies - Which K - tec unit do you have, 2,5" or 3"?
i would not change/sell mine for any offers put on it, its the best £150 i spent on the car, ( oh and the zenons )

would love to know wat it would sound like with 300 bhp running through it :twisted:
Hi Marin

I got the 2.5" unit. I can't really see the benefit of the 3"

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