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Has anyone got a K-Tec Racing exhaust? Specifically this one - I've got a feeling the 3 inch exhaust will be a bit louder than i would like.

I'd just like to know what it sounds like. I don't want anything too loud when i'm driving around at low revs. Don't want to scare the girlfriend but i do want a nice sound while i'm booting it when she's not in the car.

It looks like i'm going to end up getting this one as Blue Flames haven't replied to an e-mail i sent them. It seems a reasonable price as well.

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mine needs to go back to k-tec think its blowing a little bit, seems when i put my foot down you can hear a different sound to what it was like they going to look at it for me anyway, when starting from cold saw a few droplets of water underneath the car, oh well get sorted soon, still sounds good though :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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