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last track day has killed the front discs on my r26. fine on normal conditions but any 'spirited' driving and they get very juddery. a quick blast up the horse shoe pass tonight has confirmed that they need replacing....

the discs themselves look recent and have no wear ridges at all. someone suggested it could just be the pads but i'm skeptical - juddering under braking usually means warped discs.

i can't find a receipt for the discs so don't know if they're cheap pattern parts or not.

i suspect the answer is new discs and pads - but big question is whether to go for standard replacements or something like k-tech's uprated discs and rotors (expensive at £750), the k-tech/brembo black disc kit, stock replacements from renault or the reyalnd kit off ebay which looks similar to the kteck kit bit 200 notes cheaper!

any advice would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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