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larger intercooler fitting guide and bumper removal guide

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taken me a little over an hour but i have done a guide on how to remove your front bumper and how to fit the larger intercooler and how to remove your headlights if you want to just change you bulbs.

hope its ok.
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sod them. i belong to this club, i dont do all this for them just you lot.
very nice in fact, not to cold or i would not have done it, think it was about -0 out :shock:
Smooth :shock: this intercooler is a must. So, can you sell me one pls :lol:
Davelee225 said:
Postage will be high :lol:
Oh, c'mon don't give him bad ideas :)
hey guys, first time posting :) I have a Megane RS 250. Just bought a KTR Decat pipe and a KTR Intercooler. Ive searched the net and could only find your fitting guide here for the 225. Anyone know where i can find a fitting guide for a KTR intercooler for the 250?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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