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I've came across a ton of car audio stuff through work and Ive got it all at decent prices. So I thought I'd throw it up here before I put it on ebay! All Items are 100% open to offers and Postage price will be exactly what it costs me (so for say an amp you paypal me £5 for postage and its only £3, then £2 back to you!)

Just short descriptions and I'll get pics up tomorrow, feel free to google spec and images :)

Head Units

Alpine iDA-300 - I-pod only head unit, exelent interface and good looking, excellent conditon in box £80 o.n.o

Kenwood Kenwood KDC-W 7044 U - Ipod, cd, radio, bluetooth ready. Really cool display + illummination. Brand New in Box (I have 2 of these) £80 o.n.o


Mutant 1500.1 xxx - Top of the range mutant Monoblock amp 3000 watt max, thing is insane. Think its an older model, Brand new in box £80 o.n.o

Vibe Slick A7 - 1 channel 1300w amplifier, subtle black, decent spec amp.
Brand new in box £65 o.n.o

Fli 450s - 2 Channel 450w amp. can be used as a 1 channel too, looks cool and lights up blue. Excellent condition, no box. £30 o.n.o

Fli 900s - 4 Channel 900w amp. Can be used as a 1/2 or 4 channel. also looks good and lights up with a blue glow. £50 o.n.o


Sony XS-LD125PS - 1300w max subwoofer, silver hexagonal 12" subwoofer. looks pretty cool. In used conditon, no box £15 o.n.o

6x9 speakers

Fusion pp-fr6920 - High end fusion 6x9 speakers, look good and have some power behind them. Brand new in box 100% complete. £80 o.n.o

Jvc cs-v6935 6x9 - Basic jvc 6x9's decent spec, not massively high range. Brand new in box. £25 o.n.o

Jbl gto-937 6x9 - Mid range Jbl 6x9 good spec. Brand new in box £35 o.n.o

Vibe QB 6x9 - One of the first vibe cube 6x9's theyre not oval, theyre rectangle, and theyre pretty huge. they dont have the metal grills and are in used conditon, theyre ever so slightly tatty in comparison with the other stuff, but still work perfect and look decent. no box. £30 o.n.o

Vibe SEK69 - low to mid range Vibe 6x9s, these are decent speakers and are used and not in their box, but still in exellent conditon. £35 o.n.o


Pioneer ts-e176c - These are pretty high end pioneer 17cm component speakers with crossovers and tweeters 220w max, they are brand new in a tatty box and the tweeters apear to have been unraveled. still in exellent condition, but the box has seen better days. £67.50

Alpine sps 171a - Another set of high end 17cm speakers, really good spec, with crossovers and tweeters. 250w max. They are brand new in the box, in 100% excellent conditon. Have the option of another set of these. £65 o.n.o

Infinity 5022i - 13 cm speakers, integrated tweeters. pretty decent spec. Brand new in box. £35 o.n.o SOLD

Fli integrator 6 - 13cm speakers, integrated tweeters. Ok spec. in used conditon without box, or grills. £15 o.n.o


Jbl Gto327 - 10cm speakers, integrated tweeters, decent spec. brand new in box.
£20 o.n.o

Well thats it, Any questions fire me a pm or post below. Im open to offers and had to put prices to suit forum rules! I'll try and get pics up tomorrow.

Thanks for looking :)
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