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The locking button on my drivers side door handle has decided not too work. The passenger side one works and so does the locking button on the remote card.

Does anyone know of a quick fix for these problems or is it a case of taking it back to the dealer?

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Mine stopped working for a while, I went on holiday for a week and come back to a dead battery as I stupidly left my DAB Adapter on all week.

Anyway I jumped the car back into life and after that the button started to work and has done ever since.

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Door locks

I've had both door handles (mine's a 3 door) replaced by the dealer.
Both stopped working - first intermittantly, then completely.
Poor quality wiring is often at fault.
Also affects the following (see other posts);
Headlamp units;
Clutch switch;
Airbag warning light (which is often a loose connection under the driver's seat);

Chris Full fat 225 with glass roof.
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