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Lonely Hearts

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An Old lady had just lost her husband, so she decides to put an advert in the lonely hearts coloum.
She says she wants some one who wont hit her, wont run away from her and is well endowned in the trouser dept!!

She gets few replies none of which are any good but just then the door bell rings and when she opens the door there is an old man in a wheelchair with no legs or arms. She looks at him in puzzelment and asks if she can help him. "Ive come about the advert" he says
"But not trying to be funny but you havent got any arms" she says to which he replys "well im not going to Hit you am I" But you dont have any legs either" she says "well Im not going to run away from you" he says.
"Well what about the trouser dept" ??? "How do you think i rang the door bell!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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