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Talk about a polava trying to get someone to put them on. Got to Costco and they charged me £8 to put them on. Then the manager of the tyre fitting area come sover to me and says that they wont do the work as £8 isnt really an amount suitable for such a large job. I offered more and they said no......tossers. My ole man goes to a place which is good for i go down there. This one is even worse. He INSISTS on me getting new tyre sensors........URMMMMM not at £120 a set im not. Besides he couldnt do the work there and then either.

So......called the place where i baught the tyres from last May......"that will be £40 sir........we can do it right away.

And off I went!

Phil......ta for reminding me to wd40 the valves. They came off without any problems at all and they all work still :) they are......Just need to get the centre caps as any after market renault alloy dosent come with them. £6 each which isnt bad.



1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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