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lowering springs

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anybody no what the lowering springs are like from k-tec or recomend any others? and if thay fit face lift with cut pack?? and if thay alter handling an are thay easy to fit? any help apprecieted thanks :D :D
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They are the same springs as the cup pack(eibach), if you want any different you'd have to go down the coilover route
ray225 said:
is the cup 30mm lower than the standed one??
Approximately i think! althought the cup owners might disagree!

we'll get the tape measures out at FCS! (eh Andy!)
Yes mate, makes all the diifference over a standard 225,so the cup pack must be a good improvement!
rg225 said:
I ve done mine as well i have used the same eibach's as Phil's but i changed the struts to the cup/trophy spec ones which are revalved compaired to the full fat ones.

Richard 8)
Revalved? whats that then?

where's the pics by the way :lol:
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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