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Magnex P*ss me off!

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I emailed them last year to see if they where doing an exhaust, no repsonse!
I went on their site a few weeks ago and saw them wanting a 225 for developement so i emailed them again offering the car, still no fookin response!
fair enough if they already got one but a quick email would have been nice, assholes
So i have sent the mother of all snotty emails, doubt i'll get a response but hell it felt good letting rip in an email, knowing someone might read it!

p.s. Rant over! :evil:
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Obviously i was after a free exhaust as i'm a tight git but it annoys me that they cant be arsed to email back!
Topper225 said:
Well there goes your free exhaust :lol: Might mail them now saying that i am up for it :lol:
Go for it mate, you'll probably get a reply now i sent a shitty email!
Well i sent this yesterdayfunny how a snotty email works!:

Subject: Your lack of response!

Why advertise on your website that you need cars for exhaust
and then when genuine customers reply you fail to have the decency to
even email back?
Twice now i have offered up my Renault megane 225 for exhaust
If you have got one to work on then a quick email would have been nice!

Anyway i doubt you will even have the decency to reply to this email as
you haven't bothered before
but i thought i would air my views, and will be taking my custom to
I will also let everyone know within the club ( of what
poor customer relations you have
and i am sure it will spread around the WWW


They sent back today:

Hello Phil
I have to say this is the first e mail I have received from you! All of the car request emails come straight to me and this is the first one I have received mentioning a renault megane. I can only apologise for what seems to be a glitch in the system. I'm sorry you feel you have to take your business elsewhere, however if we can be of assistance please let me know. Out of interest what year is your car and do you have any modifications to it?

It is important to us that we source exactly the right vehicle for our range and of course whoever loans us the car does get a free exhaust fitted.

Once again appologies.
Caroline Slater
Marketing Manager
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D'oh knew there was something i forgot to do! :wink:

they obviuosly though my previous emails where just
from a spotty 17yr old dreamer!
I've had an email back and they want my car, they said i get the free exhaust and a loan car for 1-2 weeks!
jasdigido said:
Go for it Phil just try and get them to do what you want in the respect of looks and sound :wink:



ps maybe they could do a 100 to 200 cell pro cat while their at it, worth asking imo :wink:
Too right i want the full works and i want it yesterday! :lol:
I cant imagine they will do much different to what Blueflame offer anyway
Cheers andy!
well if its loud i'll bang the OE one back on! but hey if its free i'll do me
will quiz them on the decat at the same time
Topper225 said:
Hope it all goes well for you though a free exhaust cant be bad .... and even better if you get some exotic sports car for a loan :lol:
Exotic sports car! more like a 1.0 litre nova with a peco back box :lol: :lol:
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