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Magnex P*ss me off!

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I emailed them last year to see if they where doing an exhaust, no repsonse!
I went on their site a few weeks ago and saw them wanting a 225 for developement so i emailed them again offering the car, still no fookin response!
fair enough if they already got one but a quick email would have been nice, assholes
So i have sent the mother of all snotty emails, doubt i'll get a response but hell it felt good letting rip in an email, knowing someone might read it!

p.s. Rant over! :evil:
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phil iv bin emailing companys for almost 2 years about the megane and you get fook all in response, then 6 months down the line they say they have had no interest in th emegane so not made anything for it. well hello iv bin trying, so i know how you feel,

thats why half the time i have ago at doing things my self, ie my viper style induct kit ,zorst , etc etc
i asked them on the 17th july 2004 :lol: just gone back through all my emails iv sent regarding the 225s and i found it, asking if they would like to use mine as a proto.

asked them along with
hayward and scott.
even peco :lol:
get them to do a decat section to, :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

and good work matey will be awesome wen its done
SaintDP said:
Sorry how does this work. :?

You just email suppliers and ask them if they would like to use our car? Has anyone had any sucsess from this?

Im after a new exhaust, can you ask them if they would like to use mine aswell?

What else can you have done? :?
most companys will do the first one for free, weather it be zorsts seats air filters etc etc, you just ask them if they do one for the meg if they say no then normaly they will do your car for free,
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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