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Mazda 3

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been looking at the details of new motors being shown at Geneva motor show. the new Mazda 3MPS/Mazdasport 3 looks tasty: spec's 2.3L turbo, 246BHP, 184Kw/250ps @ 5,500rpm, 380Nm @ 3,00rpm, claimed speeds: max 250kph (155mph) 0-100kph(0-62mph) 6.1 seconds also it's fitted with limited slip diff, due out summer time
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if its any thing like the mazda 6 mps, as there not doing to good at the mo. 260bhp yes but only 225 at the wheels the a big heavy car to,

look nice but again its still a bloody mondeo!
I dont like the Mazda 3......nuff said!
looks like the regular mazda 3. :lol:
I have to say it doesn't look anything special although the performance might make up for that.

Bit of a sleeper I suppose but I'm not a fan of the base car anyway!
errrrrrrrrrrrr YUK and wats so special about it, looks like a diesel with a halfords tail pipe on it
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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