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Meg 250 Turbo/pistons/rods/fuel-rail install in my 225 F1?

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Hello fam.

I have an Ultra blue F1 #1204. IM here for all of your invaluable knowledge concerning the beaultiful 225.

I have an iinteresting question involving an upgrade I want to perform in the new year.

Ive been reading through the threads and noticed you all know quite a bit about this kind of conversion. I recently just bought ( Turbo/pistons/rods/fuel-rail/sensors and something for the fuel preasure). My question is and I know Im abit to late now coz I bought it all already is how well does it all fit into my current 225 F1 and what kind of tuning will have to take place to make the most power of of my engine which has just over 205k km on the clock.

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