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Hi all, new to the page, hope I’m posting in the right place.
I have a 2005 Renault Ménage RS that used to run with a UniChip from the previous owner. I removed the UniChip as the car wasn’t running perfectly and I preferred to get it back to its stock map settings.
with the UniChip in, the car ran well, but struggled in hot weather. My guess was that theUniChip wasn’t adjusting the timing correctly for hot days, or not far enough.
After my mechanic removed the chip, the car now gives me a open circuit fault on the Upper O2 sensor. With the sensor plugged in, the car idles and runs for about 30 seconds, starts to misfire and rattle continuously. Mechanic told me to unplug the sensor, which is better but obviously not the way it should be.
when I start the car with the sensor u plugged, I smell a lot of fuel, I would drive it for around 15 seconds and then it would suddenly lose power, misfire and I have to basically put it in neutral for around 5 to 10 seconds then it stops misfiring and I can drive as normal, no matter how far I’m going. It only does it once each time I start the car and then runs fairly well, but heavy on petrol.
I’ve replaced the sensor, but it’s changed nothing.
It seems as if the stock ECU was tuned, is this something that could relate to a tuning fault? Is there anything I can do to track down the issue seeing as there’s a new O2 sensor already, but it doesnt
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