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I from portugal.

I'm a member of the clubemegane in Portugal (forum.clube, and put some doubts and they failed to respond.

I come here to speak with you to find some conclusion and solution.


1 - I need to pull cables from the battery into the car, to connect an amplifier
2 - I wonder if exist wheel adapters and display for this car and where to buy. (I've seen in a connects2 website... but ...)
3 - I want to know your opinion of the audio systems from BOSS System with 80/85W.
4 - Where to buy at good price aileron and skirts for the car.
5 - How to change columns of doors (doors open liner)
6 - How to get the twitters

I think it is just ...

How bad Portuguese, my English requires tunings, try to explain simply.

Since already many thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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