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We have just got a Megane F1 R26 which has an issue with the fuel gauge. car was on 1/4 of a tank when we bought it, the Mrs filled it the brim at garage on way home, 30 quid (thought something was odd here straight away) we drove about 60 miles home and gauge didn't move.. I took it to work the next two days around 20 miles I guess and on the second day it dropped to 1/4 from full. We drove it the rest of the week maybe 20 miles and Friday went to fill up, 15 quid and the petrol grip clicks off, start the car and the tank says full.
Today I drove it a little tank is still full but range computer went from 28 to 71 miles.
I've had the access cover off and it looks exactly the same as the pump on the 197 I changed hence why I'm here. I have found a wire off but can't find where it plugs in and a also a tube missing


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