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I wanted to rewire the stereo remote stalk so it would control my little music player (A Rio Karma). To that end I opened up the remote stalk and had a good look at how it worked.

The bad news: It won't work for my purposes (without a serious amount of work).

The good news: I know how it works, and if you care, I'll tell you:

Multiple Commons - In my experience, most controllers have a single ground, or common, and a return wire for every button. In order to reduce the wire count, Renault has outfitted this stalk with several common lines. It's more like a keyboard, with rows and columns, and the system (probably) switches to row A, checks all the columns, then row B, repeating as necessary. The upshot of all this is that any device that will use this control stalk will have to actively 'poll' the stalk's different common lines, so some moderately intelligent devices are required.

It's weird - The stalk is strange. The multi-common wiring was weird enough, but there are things inside that just don't make sense. I refer specifically to the track forward/back roller. Why they didn't just slap a nice pair of switches in there is beyond me. Instead they opted for a wheel mechanism that has one common and three return lines. When you rotate the wheel the system knows which way you've rolled it based on the position it was in last. This over-complicates things, in my opinion. Instead of a simple 'forward' or 'back' button, the system has to think about it: "A was just connected, C was the last one, so it's BACK." or "B was just pressed, A was the last one, so it's FORWARD." Silly, really. They should have asked me.

Stalk removal - It's really easy to remove the stalk. You'll need a Torx driver to pull it off, and a smaller torx to open it up.

1. First, remove the cover behind the steering wheel. There are three large Torx screws underneath. Pull them out, and the bottom half of the cover will drop out with only a little bit of tugging. The top will then come right off as well.

2. - Unplug the wiring coming from the stereo. There's a grey connector, push the tab in the center and lift it upwards.

3. - Remove the screw holding the stalk to the steering column. You'll need to rotate the wheel so the bottom is on the left side to get your screwdriver in there.

4. - Slide the whole stalk up, towards the roof, and it's off! Nothing to it.

5. - There are two small Torx screws holding the stalk together. Remove them.

6. - The end of the stalk opposite the screws, closest to the volume buttons, will slide apart. They're not clipped together, but they are held in strongly, and you'll have to wiggle them apart. You can force them apart more quickly by wedging a screwdriver under the stalk cover and against the volume buttons, but you will risk damaging the stalk's silky smooth finish with your barbaric metal spear.

Now you're inside. There's no real reason to be here, unless you just want to see how it works. If you really want to re-use the stalk, you can just access the wires at the stereo end.

The Wiring - There are six wires. When looking at the connector that clips into the stalk from the side normally facing the driver (The side with the tab) and counting from right to left, the wires are:
1 - Orange
2 - Pink
3 - Green
4 - Brown
5 - Grey
6 - Orange/Black (Orange with black dots)

The three EVEN numbers are the common lines. The ODD numbers are the return lines (It could be the other way around, but it doesn't matter whatsoever)

Common #2 controls the wheel. Lines 1, 3 and 5 are the three wheel positions.

Common #4:
1 - Mute
3 - Source (outside)
5 - Source (inside)

Common #6:
1 - Volume +
3 - Mode
5 - Volume -

And that's all there is to it. It's almost certainly useless information, but somewhere someone just might want to know this, and now I've done the hard work for them. Feel free to pass this info around.

Visual aids:

This is a duplicate of a post I made on OzRenaultSport. I'd have posted it here months ago but the tech forum was locked to me (I guess only paying members have tech to contribute? ;) and of course then the forums imploded...
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