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OK, as sometimes not everybody know about some (hidden) function I decide to put together user guide – of the most asked question, here is all what I know, if you know about something other what shut be here feel free to add it or if you want to know something feel free to PM me :)

How to posting pictures:

How to upload avatar/signature:

You can upload your own on here:
Go to Settings first:

And than:

Important: before you leave the avatar/signature section – click on SAVE CHANGES !!! after you upload your pics/signatures!!!

If you want to sort the paid membership with benefits:

How to mark all threads in one section as read:

Double click on this icon:

How to multi-reply:

just click on all small icons first, just the last one - big one where is "Reply with Quote"

How to report – SPAM or threads/post which you think are not „all right“

Just click on this:

Best Tuner for your car you can find over here:

click me
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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