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I need to replace the PS2s on my R26 and the Michelin PSS seem to be the tyre of choice with glowing reviews. The problem is they don't make them in 235/40 R18 size, but rather 225/40 R18.

My question is if the narrower cross section going to affect performance in any significant way?

The next question - is 92Y XL the correct loading to choose?

Has anyone fitted PSS's on R26 and what is your experience?

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Hello Areofall,

Sorry about the delayed response. You can order tires at . They are largest automative aftermarket specialist in the UK and we provide a price match guarantee.

Please send me a registration number or item code so I can create a custom discount code for you.

I can provide a discount code of 15-25%

This Code will give you 15-25% off ALL car parts online. Simply put the code into the checkout and it will remove the 15-25% discount from all applicable items.

However if you cant find your item you can call 02034740500 or email [email protected].
Hope this helps

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