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Mirror signal manoeuvre

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Managed to beet my previous record today and drive a whole mile and half before I realised my wing mirrors were still folded in!

Surprise Renault haven’t picked up on this and used that stupid warning beep you get for everything else, fasten seatbelt, lights are on, activated cruse control, running out of fuel...
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They should do it automatically in my opinion!!!
I've done it loads and only realised when I've gone to reverse into a car parking space or summit, shows how much i use the mirrors! :oops:
Phew! I thought it was just me. I've only had the car for a month & managed to do this twice today. 1st time I noticed was when I was trying to spot if the volvo behind me was a police car :oops:
tut tut, you should always check they're out i cannot drive without my mirrors feeld like i'm missing a leg or summit :lol:
JamieMac said:
They should do it automatically in my opinion!!!
you bloody would :lol:

i put it down to the driver not paying attention :wink:
Mirror, mirror....

I'm pretty sure that there's Pug with mirrors that fold when the car is alarmed and unfold when it's deactivated. Seems obvious to me, so why doesn't Renault fit a similar system. There again Pugs dont scrub out their rear tyres; have dodgy coils; inadequate injectors; wobbly front discs; .... Nor to Pugs have a fat a*se.

I see in this week's Autocar that the Migraine was compared with the new ST Focus, Golf GTI and Astra VXR. 0-60 6.1s for the Migraine, 6.7 for the rest. That's why it feels so good away from the lights! If you want faster, get a Beemer M3. If you want faster for the money, you need to loose two wheels.

Chris Full fat 225, 6.1s to 60; E-type 6.9s to 60 (in 1967); Kawasaki ZZR 3.4s to 60.
yea it does 6.1 to 60 as fast as the 147gta 250bhp. in fact 6.1 is pretty dammed impresive even the 225hp impreza does 5.8 so for a fwd car thats good going.

with the remap ? who knows im sure it will take a few hundreths off the 0-60 time even if most is wheel spin. on a dry day id bet some money a remapped 270hp megane could probably get around 5.6 to 60 fast enough for me :) and like said any faster get an M3 but it would only be half a second faster.

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Hey, maybe it will do 6 dead with the mirrors folded in? Summat to try at FCS :wink:
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