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Mirror, mirror....

I'm pretty sure that there's Pug with mirrors that fold when the car is alarmed and unfold when it's deactivated. Seems obvious to me, so why doesn't Renault fit a similar system. There again Pugs dont scrub out their rear tyres; have dodgy coils; inadequate injectors; wobbly front discs; .... Nor to Pugs have a fat a*se.

I see in this week's Autocar that the Migraine was compared with the new ST Focus, Golf GTI and Astra VXR. 0-60 6.1s for the Migraine, 6.7 for the rest. That's why it feels so good away from the lights! If you want faster, get a Beemer M3. If you want faster for the money, you need to loose two wheels.

Chris Full fat 225, 6.1s to 60; E-type 6.9s to 60 (in 1967); Kawasaki ZZR 3.4s to 60.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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