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I am having a weird problem with my M3RS, that I hope to get some help with:
I had to have the clutch replaced on my car on a recent trip to Italy. It was at a dealer which seemed to be official Renault.
After this replacement, everything seemed to be ok. But a few weeks later a message saying "Check injection" appears, with a big loss of power. For about ten days, the message disappeared after a restart but came back more and more often, and finally the message and the loss of power were permanent.
Direction therefore my Renault dealer (I was back home by then).
After a few days of head-scratching and the replacement of some sensor, the head mechanic told me that the flywheel installed in Italy appeared not to be an original Renault part and had to be replaced. Apparently the number of teeth on the flywheel was not correct, which had caused the on-board computer to react and throw up weird messages (by then it also said "Check emissions control" or something similar). The problem was that the part was unavailable at Renault. The original part number is 302055634R. It's been 3 weeks now and I'm still waiting...
I am now obviously very unhappy without my car and, to say the least, really puzzled by what is happening to me...
If it's true that the new flywheel is not an original part (I'm not convinced...), what does that have to do with the injection?? And why did the message only show up 4 weeks later?? How is it that a wear part like this is unavailable on a car that is not ten years old?? Does this mean that no other M3RS owner can have his/her clutch replaced anymore??
I would be really super grateful for any comments and attempts to answer these questions…
Thank you in advance!
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