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motorola V3 razor in black

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this phone was bought for me by my ali for xmas on O2 but the phone has bin unlocked so will work on any network of your choice.

its brand new never bin used still got the anti scratch seals all over the phone, comes with box, manuals, leather cover, usb lead, charger

again its a brand new motorola V3 razor in black. pm me for any pics or more info

£150 inc postage
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Erm..............will that be me then?!! :wink:

:D :D

Thanks Andy for a smooth sale so far, looking forward to receiving the phone.

All the best,
no probs matey, it will be going in the post first thing this morning.
by the way your not from nigeria are you , these tucked me right up.
I read that mate, no honest I'm (sort of :wink: ) legit! Us Jocks are tighter than two coats of paint but at least we are honest!

That sounded awful about your PS2, I really hope you can get you money back or at least give the scum who carried out the deed a good shoeing.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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