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Maybe my maths is way wrong but ....

"In standard form, the Megane Sport 225 produces 165 kW and 300 Nm.

Powerchip has a range of chips to suit your car, which can increase it's power to between 193 kW and 198 kW, and it's torque to between 351 Nm and 360 Nm.

this puts it at 270bhp???? Or am I wrong? :?

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The car that they tested the powerchip on is in Melbourne. I've tried contacting him but to no avail. i really want to see what it feels like to ride in?

I am a little sceptical though! but would love to be proven wrong.

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Powerchip Performance

After having had a Powerchip upgrade in a number of vehicles I have owned over the past 15 years I have never noticed any real performance gain.

Powerchip generally quote about 10% gain in KW and Torque as an average which equates to 183 Kw gain.

The times quoted for acceleration are also usually small being .x seconds faster.

For the cost of the chip, usually A$1500 plus, the gain and noticable performance difference does not seem to be worth the effort.

With this chip the time to fit could be less, however if it requires a replacement chip then I have waited up to 3 days for theworks to be done.
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