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Hello all,
Recently Alex went onto the forums of our club and started the most stupid thing i have ever seen. I am ashamed of the actions of some of our members and i am not here to defend that. I welcomed alex at the begining of the thread but then it got out of hand. I am leaving this message so that you don't think any less of the mr2oc for this incident.
On the internet people can sometimes have misunderstandings and these must not be taken to heart.
Alex's comments of "

You know what? I was nearly convinced to go sell my 225 and go buy myself a 10 year old MR2 for £2000!?!?!

Oh no actually I wasn't coz I can afford something significantly better"

hit a nerve with me but there is no point arguing. Obviously his choice of words makes him sound like a ponce which im sure he isn't.

Anyway, hope we are all cool.

ps, MR2s are significantly better :wink:
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Hopefully Emily will smooth things over! :lol: :lol:
hmm point made. feel free to sort this out by PM
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