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my 225 with chirpy bird/flutter noise from turbo

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need to give it a bit of volume to listen as it was done in the glove box ,

its a short clip of the turbo with the re-curc valve disconected, last time i done this i lost boost but this time the boost stays at 10psi on the boost gauge,
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Nice mate, sounds like a rare exotic bird in there!
put it all back to norm now, although it did not seem to loose boost on the gauge it did seem a little sloppy on the pull about an hour ago, so all back to standard and sounding like me old F225 again :D
You won't stop till you've broke it will you mate! :lol:
andy bassett said:
you got to try these things out mate aint you.
Bit rich coming from me i know! :lol: :lol:

If you don't try you won't ever know will you fella!!! :wink:

Sounds good if you ask me :!:
have never been able to watch any of the clips :cry: :cry:
225karl said:
have never been able to watch any of the clips :cry: :cry:
give it a bit of time they tend to take a while to play.
Here we go mate right click and save as.

Or left click and wait for it to open in your windows media player:


Dump / Blow Off Valve:

Driving Away:

Drive By:

Chirpy Cossie Turbo: turbo.wmv

There we go matey :wink:
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need a way of keeping boost even on 300hp models but have that chatter and chirp 8)

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if paul develops the blanking plate for the valve with the remap plus other bits and boost controller to get to just over 300bhp the chirpy bird should sound ohso sweet.
hi andy, i want that chirpy cossie noise on my megane! will the blanking plate do the same thing, with no loss of power? how much will it cost? how long do we have to wait to get this mate?
Only thing I heard was that the fluttering noise is the air coming back from the engine and hitting the turbines of the turbo!?!?!

Isn't that a bad thing for the turbo???
Just wondered!! lol
alright alex, not sure on that one mate? hope thats not the case though, i want the noise & deffinately no reduction in performance & wear to engine or turbo.
will have to wait and see wat paul comes up with on the plate front matey
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