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my old megane 1.6 dynamique

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i used to own one to b4 my old 225

great little motor it was, only had it 6 weeks

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How come only 6 weeks mate???
i saw the blue 225 in the show room as i drove past and bought it, hence i only had it 6 weeks
I bet you lost a shed load of money!!!
£800 in total and it was put ontop of the price of the 225, they done such a great deal thats why i took it, plus the 225 had done 500 miles anyway and they knocked about £1500 of the ticketso wen then £800 went on i still got it cheap just with 500 miles on it
Done well there mate :D
you got ripped off with your transit, bet they saw you coming

and laughed:lol:
.... off to you too :lol:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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