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My Renault RS 225

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god how dark are those front windows
Hi Guys and Girls,

Thanks, The house is 1920 square meters, etc...

My windows is a special tint if you have a look at the photo's, you can see very clearly to the out side of the 225, but if out side the 225 you can't really see in. Its similar to 'n 30% tint that allows only 30% of light in.

The front, rear and boot windows is all the same.

another rare as rocking horse shat bark blue one, looks realy nice matey,
Nice and clean
Sorry man, I'm from South Africa!
I was just trying to be clever. RHD car, kms on the clock. You drive on the right down there?
Yes, we do!

Well about 3000-4000km on the clock

Only us it at night time to drive...

I'm busy running the thing in and then need to get my baby over 300BHP

Howzit Jakes

Also in SA in the Alberton area, so im sure to see you around.
I also have a black RS.

As for the 300bhp its still very much an illusion in SA, none of the locals can get the normal remap working nevermind getting anywhere close to 300hp.

But there is still small things that can be done to improve it and make it sound more sporty then the standard thing.
Nice man!

I live in PTA, I'm working in JHB!

The black are nice, my 225 are midnight blue!

RS225-RSA did you get any thing done on your 225...
PTA??? geezzz you got your car from Alberton in JHB??? thats a far way
off?? from what i see on your numberplate holder.

Mine has had the backbox removed and an induction kit fitted.
Thats all for the time being, still waiting to see the first proper remap done in SA without giving errors and throwing the car into limp-mode
I'm planning to get the intercooler, power box, air filter, 3" bore and dump valve from k-tec. They say you'll get 260bhp out...

Will set you back about 15k.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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